Damaged 2024

Dan Lawson, a seasoned Chicago detective, embarks on a transatlantic journey to Scotland to collaborate with Detective Boyd, a local investigator portrayed by Capaldi. Their mission? To apprehend a notorious serial killer whose modus operandi eerily mirrors an unsolved case from Lawson’s past. Jackson’s portrayal of Lawson brings depth to a character haunted by the ghosts of his previous investigations. Against the picturesque backdrop of Scotland’s rugged landscape, the detectives navigate a labyrinth of clues and suspects, racing against time to stop the killer before he strikes again. This delivers a gripping tale of crime, redemption, and the enduring human spirit. Follow Goojara for more.

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Title: Damaged (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Terry McDonough
Writer: Paul Aniello, Gianni Capaldi, Koji Steven Sakai
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Vincent Cassel, Gianni Capaldi