How to Have Sex (2024)

This is a frank and comedic exploration of relationships and intimacy in the digital age. Following a group of friends navigating the complexities of modern romance, the film humorously tackles the challenges, misunderstandings, and awkward moments that arise in the pursuit of love and connection. With a blend of wit and sincerity, the movie delivers a relatable commentary on the evolving landscape of human relationships, shedding light on the diverse experiences, misadventures, and discoveries that come with the quest for genuine connection and emotional fulfillment in the contemporary dating scene. Follow Goojara Popular Movies for more.

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Title: How to Have Sex (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Drama
Director: Molly Manning Walker
Writer: Molly Manning Walker
Stars: Mia McKenna-Bruce, Shaun Thomas, Lara Peake