Migration 2023

This is a poignant drama highlighting the resilience of human spirit in the face of adversity. Set against the backdrop of a global crisis, the film follows a diverse group of individuals forced to leave their homes in search of safety and hope. Their journeys intersect, weaving a tapestry of shared struggles and triumphs. Through poignant storytelling and powerful performances, This explores themes of compassion, sacrifice, and the indomitable human will to forge new beginnings. As borders blur and destinies intertwine, the movie serves as a compelling reflection on the universal quest for refuge and belonging.

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Title: Migration (2023)
Genres: 2023 Movies | Animation, Action, Adventure
Director: Benjamin Renner, Guylo Homsy
Writer: Mike White, Benjamin Renner
Stars: Elizabeth Banks, Isabela Merced, Awkwafina